Travel Dreams: A Package tour to Andamans,the emerald Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar are Islands at the point of the Andaman Sea and the Bengal bay. The islands are a favorite tourist destination due to the beautiful scenery and variety of flora and fauna. Some of the attractions include the Little Andaman Lighthouse, Cellular Jail National Memorial, Elephant Beach and mud volcanoes of Baratang Island.

Different tour packages

There are various Andaman Nicobar packages offered by the different tour companies. The factors that differentiate all the packages offered include the number of days and nights to spend. The trip duration can be for 3 nights 4 days to 5 nights and 6 days.

The number and type of activities to engage in during the visit also make a difference. The activities commonly available include scuba diving, snorkeling, island explorations, bird watching and walking on the beaches.

Another factor that brings a variation is the type of hotel selected for accommodation whether a standard, deluxe or premium hotel. In addition, the packages are personalized to suit the different groups of people visiting, for example, the honeymoon package, individual and retreat packages for groups.

The different packages available may be a bit confusing I know. There is, however, no need to worry as most of the tour companies offer guidance to enable you to make the best decision depending on your plans and most importantly your budget.

Importance of getting the right Andaman packageĀ :

The islands are a very versatile area with changes happening every single day. Some of the changes include the cancellation of cruises, closing down of attraction sites and other interference that affect travel plans. In addition, a lot of activities are involved in planning such as booking flights and tickets for boats, ferries and seaplanes.

Having a tour company carry out all these activities on your behalf saves you from frustrations, trouble and most importantly time. Selecting a tour package by any of the many tour companies will enable you to be updated regularly on any changes as the people on the ground representing the companies get fast hand information as situations unfold.

How to select the right package

There are five main steps to undertake to ensure you obtain the right Andaman Nicobar package that suits your needs for you to have an amazing vacation. They include;

Firstly, identify and check the date you are to plan for. This means knowing the right time to visit the islands to avoid heavy traffic of people, missing out on cruises that do not operate at certain periods and bad weather that may interfere with your daily schedules.

Secondly, identify the best destinations to visit. The three best destinations are considered to be Neil Island, Port Blair and Havelock Island. When selecting a package to ensure these three destinations are included. Also, find the right combination where you spend an equal number of days at each site to avoid spending all your time in one limiting area.

Thirdly, research on the different sightseeing places available. The sightseeing areas will be largely determined by the activities you are planning to engage in. Match your activities to the different areas and options available.

Fourthly, if going as a group or with a partner, consult to get their opinions before making a decision. Establish the interests of all the people involved and where the interests differ, mix up the activities to satisfy all parties.

Finally, engage a reputable tour company with a reputable history to organize your trip.